Alexander Fury deciphers Mary Katrantzou’s creative inner workings.


Words by Alexander Fury
Photography by
Tom Allen
Styling by
Sheila Single
Hair by Raphael Salley
Make–Up by Jenny Coombs
All looks SS 2016 Mary Katrantzou collection

Every designer’s creative process is dierent. Yves Saint Laurent used to get toked up on hashish in Marrakech and sketch out his delirious fantasies; Alexander McQueen once transmogrified a tramp’s string–belted overcoat into a two–grand version with Mongolian–fur collar and cuffs Miuccia Prada often tried to make herself like something she hates. Mary Katrantzou’s process is similarly singular. For instance, I once went with Mary to look at the Duchess of Windsor’s jewellery, ostensibly for inspiration, and she ended up basing half a collection on enamelled Fabergé lighters. Another time I arrived at her studio to her trying to affix 2HB pencils to a piece of fabric. She’d been inspired that time by debris—lying around her studio, around her house, leftover from other collections—and decided the only things she could stick on a pencil skirt were… pencils.

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